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Suggestions from Steve are based upon the wit and wisdom of performer, educator and composer, Dr. Steve Raybine. The late Dr. Raybine, a nationally-acclaimed jazz vibraphonist often referred to as the "Master of the Mallets," was known for his compelling communication and motivational skills, and his ethical and realistic approach to Music Education; Music Performance; and the Business of Music. Steve Raybine was a University and private music educator for over 20 years and a professional jazz artist for over 30 years. Dr. Raybine's candid and analytical insights into the world of contemporary music and music education were intended to assist musicians of all genres to achieve more personal and professional success and potential happiness, while acclimating them to the rigors and many challenges they may confront throughout their musical career. Hopefully, musicians of all ages will benefit from these helpful 'tips' if they choose to pursue a career in music.

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A Philosphical Category follows. In this category Steve's wide ranging reflections on music, people, and the world in general are presented.
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